midwifery supplies needed during COVID-19 pandemic


Midwife Michele, other community midwives, and additional healthcare providers we are working and organising with are looking for donations of unused, clean supplies to put together kits for families who will need to birth at home or at a pop-up birth clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Birth & Postpartum:
- underpads ("puppy pads"/chux pads)
- menstrual or incontinence pads (super absorbency)
- peri cold pads
- mesh underwear
- unopened 2 oz or 3 oz bulb syringes
- sterile & nonsterile, non-latex gloves of all sizes (nitrile preferred)
- gallon Ziploc bags

- plastic trash bags

- plastic drop cloths, plastic mattress covers, plastic shower curtains, or vinyl backed tablecloths
- unused peri bottles
- unused sitz baths
- sterile, disposable scissors, clamps, & suture packs
- sterile gauze pads
- alcohol pads/wipes
- dermaplast
- witch hazel, alcohol, & peroxide
- paper towels
- N95 & PM2.5 masks & filters (washable hand sewn cloth acceptable) & andy other PPE supplies
- instant hot/cold packs
- honey sticks & emergen-C packs
- antiseptic wipes (consumer, food prep, & medical grade)
- relevant unopened herbal tinctures
- comfort/healing supplies: nipple cream, unscented lotion/massage oil, EMAB peri spray, lip balm, etc.

Also for putting together self-monitoring kits for pregnant people:
- dopplers (yes, your old $35 one from eBay is perfect)
- batteries for dopplers (typically AA & 9v)
- automatic blood pressure cuffs
- digital thermometers

If it's not listed, let me know what you have & I'll let you know if we can use it!


How to get supplies to us:

Please Porch Drop anytime day/night at Midwife Michele's home. They are not able to travel all over picking up a bag of things here/there, though some porch pickups can be arranged. Coordinate with others who might have leftover supplies from their births, home health, or from unused whelping kits and drop off things from a group of people at once. Alternatively, if you can swing the shipping, mailing it Midwife Michele's house, please do. 

Your donations will get sorted inventoried and then assembled into birth & postpartum kits and self-monitoring prenatal kits.


Mx. Michele James-Parham
3237 Central Avenue 

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Due to economic uncertainties and the increased need for homebirth services at this time, Midwife Michele and associate community midwives need your donations to continue being able to provide homebirth as an option for healthy families, source supplies needed for safe births, and pay their assistants for their dedicated and much needed support in providing the best community-based midwifery care possible for homebirthing families in the midst of a global pandemic.

If you do not have any of the supplies listed above or have no way of getting them to us, please consider donating monetarily via: 

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