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Amethyst Midwitchery and Womancraft

People often wonder about how our practice got its name. From 1998 until 2003, our practice did not have an official name; Michele was just a person who happened to be a midwife and was not concerned about having a business name. In 2003, after the birth of Midwife Michele's first child, they were also a consultant for Unique Baby Boutique, which later became Natural Family Boutique and this led to Michele naming their practice Natural Attachment Midwifery & Healthcare. Michele needed a name for their business and Natural Attachment was born on the fly. It served its purpose, but never really felt like the true nature of Michele or what they offer their clients. So, after the birth of their second child, a major rebranding was called for and thus the birth of Amethyst Midwitchery and Womancraft. 


The birthstone of Aquarius (Michele is an Aquarius), the Water Bearer, giver of life. Creation. Thought to provide protection and stability, divine connection, and purification -- the sobriety stone. Said to improve intuition and empathy. Also known for its ability to release tension and relieve physical and emotional pain. Michele has a long history with physical & emotional pain, is a recovered addict, and strives to bring connection and clarity into all aspects of their care.



Traditional practices of Wise Ones who are spiritual advisors and healers. Folk medicine/magic. Midwives practising kitchen witchery, granny mountain magic, or rootwork. Teachers of mysteries celebrating rites of blood, birth, death, and the inherent magic of it all. While being an immensely grounded person, Michele lives a very magical life. Michele is a solitary practitioner of traditional witchcraft, heavily focused on water, weather, seasons, and herbalism. Both their midwifery and herbalism practices are greatly informed and influenced by traditional practices as well as more modern clinical studies and applications.

love, magic, and anarchy


To midwife, facilitate, to assist transformation. Space holding. Gatekeeper. Earthkeeper. Birthkeeper. The essential work of midwife and mystery teacher. Wise Ones assisting other wise ones through the journey of menarche, childbirth, parenthood, menopause, and death. While it is both true that women are not the only people who give birth and women are not the only clients Midwife Michele provides care for, so much of the work, knowledge, and inherent magic of their practice is "women's work" or "women's craft". Womancraft carried out throughout time by women, nonbinary, third gender, and two-spirit people has been greatly underappreciated, is often invisible, and at times is an extension of the ineffable. Womancraft is what makes the continuation of humanity possible.

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