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On This Road

a corner of a cabin with a wooden birthing chair next to a fireplace and a banjo hanging on the wall.

So, it has been awhile since I have given my community an update about my educational adventures. A lot has transpired since I began this journey in the Autumn of 2020. I originally set out to complete a degree in social work before going to medical school to become a family physician. My path has shifted here and there as it has unfolded, and now I find myself arriving at a sharp turn.

I have written two (free) posts on Patreon about these more recent changes on my path:

A Change of Plans: about my decision to not go to medical school

A New Notebook: about my definite and possible post graduate plans

I have had many people recently ask me about whether I will be back to attending births post-graduation. Yes, I have every intention to resume accepting primary clients once I am done with graduate school. My practice will look different from before and will be limited to 4–6 births per year. This will ensure I have adequate rest time, family time, and time to deeply pursue the many adventures I have committed to and hope to commit to after graduation.

I appreciate everyone's continued support of my endeavours, and I look forward to being able to step back into service for my community with an expanded scope of practice.


Michele “Misha” James-Parham (they/them)

Midwife, Chaplain, & Educator

Amethyst Community Health


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