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Pregnancy Update

I figured that it had been awhile since I mentioned how #Merbaby and I are doing.

At basically 34 weeks #gestation it hit me that I could actually (and safely) give birth in as little as three weeks. However, I have no indication that, that is an actual reality I will be faced with. I would like to make it another 4 and half weeks to that I can have a fridge/freezer full of leftovers from Solstice Dinner :-)

I am doing pretty well. I have not stepped on a scale since my second #trimester in which I still had not gained any weight. I would assume that I have gained some weight by now, but I do not really *feel* like I have. I paid attention to what I was eating over the course of a week and it seems to not really be any more or different from pre-pregnancy eating with the exception of more frequent and smaller meals or snacks. I would not be the slightest bit shocked if I finally get to a scale and it has not moved or if I have actually lost some weight. #Pregnancy is weird like that.

I am back to getting the sleep that I need now that I do not have to get up before noon unless I just feel like it, which is nice. #Sleep is good while pregnant. I keep trying to remind myself of that and of the fact that I may not have such an “easy #baby” this time who sleeps 4-6 hour stretches of time after the first couple weeks postpartum. In fact, I keep trying to be realistic and prepare for having the kind of baby that is the exact opposite in every way from E — a mixed blessing indeed.

I will actively be making chiropractic appointments this week for the rest of the year, as I am having some #sciatica pain (off and on) and my pubic symphysis is starting to hurt at times. I still need to get some #prenatal massage going on, but my priority is the #chiropractic care for now, which insurance will cover.

Merbaby seems to be happy and healthy. They spend their day moving in weird ways and sleeping. They especially like to kick and hit when I lie down at night on one of my sides and when I have to bend over to pick something up — it seems that they do not appreciate being squished. This is a shame since I plan to squish on them most of the waking hours once they are Earthside. Merbaby seems like they might be unsure what position they want to settle into, which is kind of annoying and I still find them completely flipped around in the middle of the night. I am not worried; they’ll figure out whatever position is best for them.

Depending on what you read or what fancy pregnancy app you consult, Merbaby is approximately 4 to 41/2 pounds, about the size of the average pineapple and somewhere around 161/2 to 17 inches long. I will say that I am pretty much “all baby” at this point. Though, in theory, there is still room in there for Merbaby to grow.

I almost have my birth team squared away. Dear Other Half (of course!) and E will be there, though I do not expect E to be *right there*, but I could be wrong — he surprises me daily. My sister-midwife & new baby will be present. A former client who is a birth photographer will be present to take beautiful pictures. I have asked a friend/doula/midwifery student to attend as my #doula. And I still have this feeling that there is someone “missing”, but I have not quite figured out who that is at present.

I have my supplies all gathered and I’ll be getting things put in their place over the next few weeks. I’ll have to do a little rearranging in the #Sanctuary in our home to make room for the birth pool and immediate postpartum nest.

I am also about to undergo the never-ending cycle of washing all of the diapers and clothing that has been bought for me or handed down to me. Then it will all get sorted and put away accordingly. Once I am done with that, I’ll have a better idea of what things I still need to beg friends/family for and what things I might have extras of to pass onto other new parents in the area.

So far, so good.


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