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Well-Person Visits/PAP Exams

We’re happy to announce that starting later this Autumn we will be offering in-home concierge Well-Person Visits/Pap Exams. That’s right: in your home! No cold exam table! Ages 16+

Pap Exams/Cervical Cancer Screenings Pelvic Exams Breast Exams HIV/STI Testing Thyroid Panels IUD Removal Birth Control Education Family Planning Education Basic Physical Exams (All sexes/genders; Ages 13+) Caya Diaphragm Fittings 2018

You need a Pap Exam if you have a cervix (this includes trans men, as well as genderqueer & gender non-binary folks with a cervix)! We’re excited to expand our midwifery practice to include Well Visits ????

There is a greater need for compassionate and educated care providers, especially for queer folks and those with a history of sexual abuse/trauma. The idea of just being in a doctor’s office, let alone naked and on an exam table, is triggering for many and can keep vulnerable populations from seeking the care they need or desire. We hope to help lessen some of the healthcare disparities in our community.

We look forward to being able to serve and help our community in this capacity.

**Our services are NOT covered by insurance, but we can accept payments from HSA/FSA cards and we offer reduced fees & various payment options including partial barter. Our prices are set so that our services are attainable, yet still cover supplies, travel, and time & skill compensation.**

Stay tuned for more information!


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