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email, text, or call us to schedule an appointment, or fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch with you soon

While we do on occasion accept long-distance clients, who pay for our travel, room & board, and midwifery fees, our practice is community-based and as such our services are offered to people living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a few outlying areas. Our service area roughly covers, as far North as Zelienople, as far East as Plum/Renton (and Western Edge of Murrysville), as far South as South Park Township, and as far West as Pittsburgh International Airport (Imperial-Enlow) — this covers the Pittsburgh Metro and the vast majority of Allegheny County. If you are not located within our service area, we would be more than happy to connect you with another midwife or other care provider serving your area.

Location Note: We acknowledge that we are living and working on the stolen land of the Wazhazhe (Osage) & Massawomeck peoples.


Amethyst Community Health

Mx. Michele James-Parham

3237 Central Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15212-2069

IG: @midwitchery



Tel: 1-412-552-3021

Please leave a voicemail/text with your: name, pronouns, email address (spelled out if voicemail), estimated due date (if applicable), and a message. You can also text us this information or send it via email.


Available by appointment only


Fax: 1-412-785-3877

Can receive faxes 24/7

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