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we are for hire to officiate weddings, naming ceremonies, and other special events

Michele (“Misha”) is available on a limited basis for hire to officiate various kinds of small & private secular, spiritual, or Jewish (unaligned) ceremonies and celebrations. They have a background in philosophy, ethics, anthropology, social work, and comparative religion studies. Their spiritual life is informed by Torah & Jewish Mysticism (heavy lean into Feminist & Queer Neo-Hasidism), Sufism, Buddhist Thought, the seasons, weather, & waters, and their ancestors.
  • Weddings (interfaith/intercultural & queer; Apply for a Marriage License in Allegheny County)

  • Civil Unions

  • Handfastings

  • Vow Renewals

  • Witnessing for Self-Uniting Ceremony

  • Teen/Adult Naming Ceremonies (gender transition/chosen name, Hebrew name, etc.)

  • Baby Naming Ceremony (secular or Humanist only), with or without announcing guideparent(s)

  • Baby Naming Ceremony (Jewish): Brit Bat/Ben (Covenant of the Daughter/Son), Simchat Bat (Joy of the Daughter), Zeved Habat (Gift of the Daughter)

  • Non-gendered Baby Naming Ceremony (Jewish): Brit Shalom/Chayim/Tikkun (Covenant of Peace/Life/Reparation)

  • Have another ceremony or celebration in mind? Contact us to see if it can be arranged!



For most small (75 guests or fewer), private weddings/unions/renewals, Misha charges on a sliding scale of $325-$575*. They are not available for larger events presently.

For witnessing a Self-Uniting, Misha accepts donations between $50-$150.

For all types of Naming Ceremonies, Misha charges on a sliding scale of $200-$400*.

*price is for self-designed ceremony/vows; if Misha needs to create/write the ceremony/vows, add $75 to fee. Misha will consult with client(s) to ensure every word is meaningful & reflective of the desired intent, including any important cultural, spiritual, or religious elements necessary.


When travelling to officiate, in addition to the stated rates above, Misha charges $100/day of travel by car that is farther than 3hrs along with a $150/day stipend for meals & hotel costs. If train or plane travelling is required, ticket costs are the responsibility of the hiring entity, along with a $150/day stipend for meals & hotel costs. All fees are to be paid in advance.

Misha is a Jewish & secular chaplain and lifecycle celebrant. Within Judaism, there are many customs and variations for naming ceremonies, but there are no halachic requirements for specific blessings, timing, or about who can perform the ceremony. Similarly, Jewish weddings, while they can include many parts as is customary & tradition, they actually have very few halachic requirements, either:
  • a ketubah is signed in front of two witnesses, or
  • one partner (traditionally the “groom”) gives the other partner (traditionally the “bride”) a ring or other item of significance along with vows or promises for a long life together in the presence of two witnesses.
If you are planning a secular, gender-related, or cultural/non-denominational naming ceremony, Misha is able to officiate unless your cultural or spiritual practice has requirements that Misha would not be able to fulfil.
Misha has the following ordinations which grant them the ability to officiate weddings in all 50 states:
  • Universal Life Church – June 9th, 2013
  • The Church of Spiritual Humanism – June 9th, 2013
  • American Marriage Ministries – June 9th, 2013; Minister ID: 192699-105732
  • Open Ministry – July 9th, 2023
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