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we offer midwifery support regardless of pregnancy outcome, including abortion

limited services due to med-school notice


Support & midwifery care should be available to anyone expecting any pregnancy outcome, be it birth, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion. We offer physical, emotional, & educational support for clients seeking medical, surgical, or herbal abortions. No matter your choices, you deserve compassionate midwifery support and care.

Abortion Companion Services* and Suggested Donations:
  • 1 pre-abortion visit (when possible), so that options & expectations can be discussed

  • Attendance & support immediately before, during, & after termination, as allowed by institutional/provider policies

  • 1 post-abortion visit (if desired); your abortion companion will bring you nourishing herbal tea to sip on while your body recovers

  • Suggested Donation: $175-$300 ($35-$100 for minors)

*Abortion Companion Support is NOT a substitute for professional emotional/mental health support and counselling. If you need a referral for counselling, we'd be happy to give you one.



There are a few different ways to access abortion for folks in/around Pittsburgh, depending on how far along a pregnancy is, what method of termination is needed/desired, and a person's ability to pay for abortion care.



Women's Choice Network is NOT a provider of abortion care. They are an anti-abortion, anti-choice organisation that misleads pregnant people into believing they are getting free information and care regarding abortion, but their goal is to get pregnant people to NOT terminate a pregnancy.



There are several online options for abortion via medication. We recommend reading the reviews here. Also, contact Midwife Misha, because they may have additional local options for obtaining an abortion via medication.


While Midwife Misha believes it is optimal to involve a health care provider as part of pregnancy termination plans, they understand that this is not always a possibility for everyone. Michele does not condone or condemn the information found on the following sites and has listed them for educational purposes. "Do what thou wilt." 


OTC Pharmacy

Sister Zeus


Are you having problems locating a pharmacy that will sell you Plan B? Are you short on cash and can not afford the full cost of Plan B? Please contact us; we are typically able to arrange FREE or low cost (approx. $15) Plan B or Ella (or generic Levonorgestrel or ulipristal acetate) for those who need it asap and are having problems locating or paying for it.


It is also vital that folks know that Plan B & Ella are not effective for people who weigh more than 175lbs. While it is common practice for people weighing over 175lbs to take two doses instead of just one, there has been no evidence that this practice is effective enough or safe for OTC practices. Currently, the only emergency contraception that is effective for people weighing over 175lbs is an IUD. Misha still recommends that folks weighing more than 175lbs take Plan B/Ella and contact Allegheny Reproductive Health Center or their OB/GYN or CNM if they are in need of an IUD.

emergency contraception

For more information on emergency contraception options, including utilising most regular birth control pills for emergency contraception, go here.

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