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Michele is a fount of knowledge, experience, and heart. Their presence in the birth community here in Pittsburgh is so valuable.

-- Bethany Brown, Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh/Bloom Birth

[Misha is] highly qualified, incredibly skilled, extremely kind and empathetic!

-- Laura McCarthy, LCSW, Postpartum Doula, Babywearing Educator, & Adjunct Professor – Pitt School of Social Work

I was searching online for a midwife in Pittsburgh who was Jewish, who would understand my cultural and spiritual birth practices, and be willing to work with my other provider during my pregnancy. When I found their website, I knew that Misha was the midwife I was looking for. I was able to have the care I wanted and needed, and that is a gift I will never forget.

-- Xava K. 

Michele attended the home birth of my child. They really helped us make space and have the confidence to do things exactly the way I wanted. After my first less-than-ideal birth experience with medical-system midwives, having that kind of support was a huge relief and allowed us to avoid a lot of unnecessary and potentially dangerous interventions.

-- Laura Gyre, Writer & Artist

Working with Michele in facilitating sacred circles has been a gift. Their gentle ways invite others in to be heard. Michele demonstrates wisdom, compassion, and respect in their work and relationships. It is a pleasure to know them and see their contributions to our community.

-- Gabrielle Noyé, Writer & Artist

Midwife Michele is dedicated to their clients and serves families [that] birth at home. I would absolutely recommend them without reservation. They have the experience and expertise to take care of homebirth families in Pittsburgh and keep them safe and confident in the births of their babies!

-- Lily Johnson (Carter), Doula/owner at Golden Lotus Doula Services

As a traditional midwife, Misha has much knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. Misha combines the best of current information regarding labor, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding with traditional wisdom. Misha honors and respects pregnant people and their choices and meets them where they are. With warmth, candor, wisdom, and tenacity Misha supports birthing people and their families.

-- Jody, Bradley Instructor, Intuitive Doula, & Nursing Student

Misha did not know me, but they came to my home in the middle of the night when my midwife was a no-call, no-show. They showed such compassion for me and my baby and the situation we found ourselves in. I wish that I had interviewed them at the beginning of my pregnancy. I imagine my care would have been not just better, but I would have been so much more at peace and actually enjoyed the journey of becoming a parent. Misha had such a calming and grounded presence that stood in direct contrast to the midwife that I hired, who was such a loud, bossy, and obnoxious mess and who left me stranded in labor! I look forward to having Misha at my next birth from the very beginning!

-- Rivky L.

You did what you promised – created a space where I could do my thing in peace, just the way I needed to. Everyone should be lucky enough to have that.

-- Alyssa T.

Michele had a lot of intuitive insight into my spiritual issues and health concerns. They were able to help me see where I was stuck and ways to get past the roadblocks keeping me from fully embracing my own intuitive voice. They also create fantastic herbal teas and infusions that heal both the body and soul.

-- Becca L.

I was carrying around so much shame and religious baggage from my childhood. I reached out to Michele when I was planning an abortion. They were able to help me unpack so much and bring a sense of spiritual awareness to the entire process. I will never forget their calming presence and how they helped make every step of the process sacred for me.

-- M.H., Professor & Physician

Misha is a skilled and compassionate herbalist and reflexologist. I recommend them to my clients on a regular basis.

-- Jenny, Doula & Student Midwife

Michele is fantastic. I had the pleasure of meeting Michele when I was pregnant with my first child, and while Michele was on sabbatical at that time, they were insanely helpful and supportive from the moment we first talked to this very day. Michele is kind and knowledgeable and made me feel super comfortable. Their elderberry syrup is pretty darn amazing too!

-- Chelsea S.

Nothing but the best! Michele is wise beyond their earth years – compassionate, funny, patient, and did I mention brilliant? You will learn much by working with Michele – and your life will be forever changed for the better having known them.

-- Grace Astraea, Massage Therapist & Doula at Time Space One

Michele was my homebirth midwife. They were beyond amazing for so many reasons, but let’s just say Michele is highly skilled, well-trained, emotionally in-tune, and provides amazing support. I can’t recommend them enough. Michele is also wonderful in all capacities of [reproductive] health, not just pregnancy and post-partum care. You won’t regret choosing Michele!

-- Reem, Massage Therapist & Herbalist at Integrative Therapeutics

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