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one-on-one sex education classes for all ages


If there is no group class option currently, or you think a private, one-on-one style class would be a better fit, Michele (“Misha”) can accommodate you or your child by having a private, personalised virtual class over Google Meet.


Misha is an independent Sex & Sexuality Educator. Their classes are inclusive of queer & gender-diverse people, body-positive, fat-positive, sex-positive, evidence-informed, and NOT abstinence-only. When and where appropriate, abortion is mentioned as an option afforded to pregnant people; masturbation is framed as normal human behaviour (and the safest form of sex); non-nuclear families & relationships are normalised (including multi-generational living & consensual/ethical non-monogamy); and finally, anatomy & reproduction are not discussed in gendered terms (ova/sperm producing systems; people of all genders can experience menstruation & gestation).



  • Student/Student's Parent sets a date/time for a one-hour (1hr) virtual class and pays the $65/hr fee. No refund will be issued for a no-call/no-show. Classes can be rescheduled if contacted at least 24 hours before class starts.

  • Student/Student's Parent provides Misha with a list of their top 5 questions, areas of interest, or hypothetical scenarios at least 1 week before the virtual class date.

  • Misha will create tailored slides & a presentation based on the list provided by the student/student's parent.

  • Misha will email the student slides and any additional info/resources within 72hrs after the virtual class.

  • If only one class seems like not enough time to cover everything the student or student's parent feels is necessary, a block of 4 hours can be prepurchased for a discounted rate of $220 (a $40 savings). These 4hrs can be scheduled together on one day or in blocks of 1-2 hour increments on different days.


If no group series is currently offered, and you or your child feels that they need to have a comprehensive sex education and human development course tailored to their needs, Misha can provide this education virtually. This is a great option for homeschoolers/unschoolers. Availability for these series is limited due to Misha's schedule; they may not always be able to schedule immediately after contact.


  • Student/Student's Parent sets a start date/time for a one-hour (1hr) class time that will repeat every week for 8 weeks.

  • The fee for this 8-week course is $650. Queer, Transgender, and Students of the Global Majority (BIPOC) can pay a reduced rate of $550 for the series.

  • Students may miss and make up 1 class period. No refund will be issued, nor will a make up day be scheduled for a no-call/no-show. One (1) class period can be rescheduled if contacted at least four (4) hours before class starts.

  • Misha will create tailored slides & presentations based on the level of information required (to be determined before classes start).

  • Misha will email the student slides and any additional info/resources within 72 hours after each virtual class.

  • If the student has a sibling (up to 3 siblings) in the same age bracket, they can participate in classes together. Each additional sibling may be added for $150/ea for the whole 8-week course. If a sibling misses a class, it is the responsibility of the student(s) in attendance or their parent(s) to catch them up using the resources provided after each class.

    • Age brackets are defined as 3–5 years old, 6–11 years old, 12–17 years old, and 18–21 years old.​

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