nonbinary midwife mchele presenting on non-pharmaceutical management of postpartum hemorrhage


we are for hire to teach or speak on various subjects for birthworkers, conferences, teens, and special events



michele is available for hire to teach or speak on various subjects for birthworkers, conferences, teens, and special events. fees per hour or event with discount for IBPOC/Queer audiences/students


 - Skills Workshops for Birthworkers

 - Queer/Gender-Diverse Cultural Competency for Birthworkers

 - Being a Body & Sex Positive Healthcare Practice

 - Inclusive Sex & Sexuality Classes

 - In Depth Placenta Study Workshop

 - Labour Progress Without Exams

 - Non-Pharmacological Management of Hemorrhage

 - Herbs for the Childbearing Year

 - Womb Weaving/Story Telling

 - Sacred Pregnancy Practices

 - So You Want to be a Midwife (in PA)



For most speaking only events Michele charges an hourly rate of $100/hr for general audiences and $60/hr for audiences that are comprised of 80% or more IBPOC, Queer, & Gender-Diverse members.

Fees for classes & workshops vary based on topic, materials, and number of students enrolled, but generally speaking they run $125/student for a 4hr class/workshop with discounts and scholarships available for IBPOC/Q/T/GNC students.

When traveling to speak or present a class/workshop, in addition to the hourly or per student rate, Michele charges $100/day of travel by car that is farther than 4hrs and a $200/day stipend for meals & hotel costs (alternatively an organiser or student/attendant can provide free room & board for Michele).


Michele is an independent Sex & Sexuality Educator. Their classes are inclusive of queer & gender-diverse people, body-positive, sex-positive, NOT abstinence only, and evidence informed. Michele currently has a class series for teens aged 12-17. They are working on three additional series for children aged 6-11, children aged 3-5, and for adults/parents aged 18+. 

Previously, these classes were paid for by students/parents and moving forward, Michele hopes to have the class series for minors completely paid for via private and/or public funding, assuring that our youth are able to get the information that they need regarding, self-worth, safer sex, toxic relationships, puberty, menstrual cycle charting, pregnancy, sex & politics, and consent.

If you have a group of teens that you'd like Michele to come teach sex & sexuality education to, please contact us. Michele prefers to cap the class at 15 students with at least 3 slots tuition free for IBPOC/Queer students (to be paid for by hiring person/organisation). Cost per student is typically $75-$150, depending on length & depth of classes. We can tailor classes to your specific needs.