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visibly mended hole


visible & creative clothing repair



Does it get you down when your favourite shirt gets a stain or snags & rips or when that sweater you spent a million months knitting gets dropped behind the dresser, forgotten and eaten by moths? I get that. I also get how tempting it is to throw it out and buy or make another one. What about repairing your beloved and now moth-eaten sweater? You can save money, cut down waste, preserve memories, and turn your clothes into works of art. 

Yes, it does take a bit of planning, time, and at least basic hand-sewing skills. What if you do not have the time, skills, or supplies to turn a spaghetti sauce stain into a cute and quirky focal point of your go-to hoodie? You reach out to me, Michele, your own personal stitch witch! Let me bring new life to your clothes and your children's clothing.


  • HOLES, RIPS, SNAGS, & SEAMS: shirts, pants, dresses, kid's clothing

  • DARNING & CROCHETING: sweaters, socks, wool diaper covers & longies

  • OTHER: buttons, snaps (plastic), remove/cover logos, decorative hand stitching, knee/elbow/chub-rub reinforcements, elastic

  • SPECIAL PROJECTS: quilts, linens, knit/crochet blankets, backpacks, bags, shoes, etc. ASK ME!


leather, most pleather, tulle/netting, exceptionally fine lace (replaced, not mended), zippers, grommets/eyelets, sequins/beadwork, shoe soles, colour matching -- the whole idea is that the repair is visible and creative, not hidden and boring. Obviously, there may be exceptions, so ask me about your specific projects!


I try to remain reasonably accessible, but also roughly pay myself a living wage for the time and skill involved. Basic repairs typically take me around 2 hours, depending on the nature of the mend, materials/skills required, and my life as a busy midwife, college student, & home-educating parent. Those 2 hours can sometimes stretch out over four days! Typically, in 7–10 days after receiving your item, it is mended and back on its way to you. 

Base Price for all jobs: $15

Discounts for multiple jobs at once!

Embroidery: $10+ (will give quote)

Return Shipping:
$5 (most projects)
$20 (large/delicate projects like quilts)

The following price list is in addition to the Base Price

(i.e. Base Price $15 + 2 Jean Pockets $10 = $25 + return shipping if needed).

$25 - Crotches & Inner Thighs
$5 - Pocket (corner repair or actual pocket repair)
$5 - 1-2 Edges (Leg/Pocket/Waist/Cuff)
$5 - Knee/Other small hole in body of pants/vest

$10 - Large Hole
$55 - Everything!

T-Shirts/Blouses/Button Downs/Hoodies/Sweatshirts:
$5 - Sleeve Cuff
$5 - Pocket
$5 - Simple Patch over stain/logo
$5 - < 2 inch Hole (patched or darned)
$10 - > 2 inch Hole or multiple small holes (patched or darned)
$10 - Neck Opening/Bottom Hem
$30 - Everything!

Knitwear (sweater/scarf/shawl/hat/socks/blankets):
$5 - Sock (one or pair)
$5 - Sleeve Cuff
$5 - Hole < 2 inches
$10 - Hole > 2 inches or multiple small holes
$10 - Bottom Hem Edging/Neck Opening
$10 - Additional Flat Fee for extra fine knit/lace weight, delicate work

$15 - Edging for Knitted/Crocheted Blanket

$65 - Sweater Reconstruction

Fleece/Down Jackets/Vests:
$5 - Sleeve Cuff
$5 - Pocket
$5 - Hole < 2 inches
$10 - Hole > 2 inches or multiple small holes
$10 - Bottom Hem Edging/Neck Opening
$55 - Everything!

Blankets/Linens/Quilts (NOT knitted/crocheted):
$5 - Hole < 2 inches (patched or darned)
$10 - Hole > 2 inches or multiple small holes (patched or darned)

$20 - Additional Flat Fee for vintage or extra fragile quilts

$30 - Light to Medium Re-seaming on quilt
$50 - Heavy Re-seaming on quilt

$35 - Baby/Lap Blanket Reconstruction

$65 - Throw/Twin Blanket Reconstruction

$75 - Queen Blanket Reconstruction

$95 - King Blanket Reconstruction

Other Projects: Send an email with a description, pictures, and ideas and I will send you a quote or let you know if I can't do your project justice!


  • email me a description of your project with pictures of all areas (of all items) needing repairs

  • tell me if you want me to *do my own thing* or if you have specific things in mind – include pictures or links to things you have in mind

  • explain if you have specific colours, threads, yarns, or fabric you want used & plan to mail along with the item(s) or want me to source and charge you for. REMEMBER: I do NOT colour match!

  • tell me when you need the item(s) returned or if turnaround is flexible

  • I will look everything over, take note of supplies needed, time it should take me

  • I will quote you a price and time frame

  • if you agree to the cost and time required, you pay me & ship the item(s) to me (you pay to ship to me) or drop them off if local

  • if it is a big project, like a quilt or a shredded sweater, I will send you update pictures while I work

  • when you get your item(s) back, tag me on social media if you share pictures or want to leave a review


VENMO: @amethystmidwitchery

CASH APP: $midwitchery

I can also accept credit/debit cards; cash, check, & cards in person; Amazon, Target, & VISA gift cards; Zelle or PayPal (friends & family ONLY), or if you are a sewist, quilter, tailor, knitter, or crocheter and want to barter, LET'S DO IT!


I am an imperfect person using visible, creative, & imperfect mending techniques to repair your item(s). I am doing these repairs imperfectly by hand (98%) of the time. Do you notice a trend? Your item(s) will have imperfect stitches and flaws, but that is part of the nature of visible mending. I promise to always do my imperfect best. I am willing to try to alter, fix, or redo something if you are truly unhappy, but I do not offer refunds for any reason. 

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