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visibly mended hole


visible & creative clothing repair



Does it get you down when your favourite shirt gets a stain or snags & rips or when that sweater you spent a million months knitting gets dropped behind the dresser, forgotten and eaten by moths? I get that. I also get how tempting it is to throw it out and buy or make another one. What about repairing your beloved and now moth-eaten sweater? You can save money, cut down waste, preserve memories, and turn your clothes into works of art. 

Yes, it does take a bit of planning, time, and at least basic hand-sewing skills. What if you do not have the time, skills, or supplies to turn a spaghetti sauce stain into a cute and quirky focal point of your go-to hoodie? You reach out to me, Michele, your own personal stitch witch! Let me bring new life to your clothes and your children's clothing.


  • HOLES, RIPS, SNAGS, & SEAMS: shirts, pants, dresses, kid's clothing

  • DARNING & CROCHETING: sweaters, socks, wool diaper covers & longies

  • OTHER: buttons, snaps (plastic), remove/cover logos, decorative hand stitching, knee/elbow/chub-rub reinforcements, elastic

  • SPECIAL PROJECTS: quilts, linens, knit/crochet blankets, backpacks, bags, shoes, etc. ASK ME!


leather, most pleather, tulle/netting, exceptionally fine lace (replaced, not mended), zippers, grommets/eyelets, sequins/beadwork, shoe soles, colour matching -- the whole idea is that the repair is visible and creative, not hidden and boring. Obviously, there may be exceptions, so ask me about your specific projects!


I try to remain reasonably accessible, but also roughly pay myself a living wage for the time and skill involved. Basic repairs typically take me around 2 hours, depending on the nature of the mend, materials/skills required, and my life as a busy midwife & home educating parent. Those 2 hours can sometimes stretch out over four days! Typically, in 7-10 days after receiving your item it is mended and back on its way to you. 

Base Price for all jobs: $15

Discounts for multiple jobs at once!

Embroidery: $10+ (will give quote)

Return Shipping:
$5 (most projects)
$20 (large/delicate projects like quilts)

The following price list is in addition to the Base Price

(i.e. Base Price $15 + 2 Jean Pockets $10 = $25 + return shipping if needed).

$20 - Crotches & Inner Thighs
$5 - Pocket (corner repair or actual pocket repair)
$5 - 1-2 Edges (Leg/Pocket/Waist/Cuff)
$5 - Knee/Other small hole in body of pants/vest

$10 - Large Hole
$40 - Everything!

T-Shirts/Blouses/Button Downs/Hoodies/Sweatshirts:
$5 - Sleeve Cuff
$5 - Pocket
$5 - Simple Patch/Embroidery over stain/logo
$5 - < 2 inch Hole (patched or darned)
$10 - > 2 inch Hole or multiple small holes (patched or darned)
$10 - Neck Opening/Bottom Hem
$30 - Everything!

Knitwear (sweater/scarf/shawl/hat/socks/blankets):
$5 - Sock (one or pair)
$5 - Sleeve Cuff
$5 - Hole < 2 inches
$10 - Hole > 2 inches or multiple small holes
$10 - Bottom Hem Edging/Neck Opening
$10 - Additional Flat Fee for extra fine knit/lace weight, delicate work

$15 - Edging for Knitted/Crocheted Blanket

$35 - Everything! (sweater)

$45 - Sweater Reconstruction

Fleece/Down Jackets/Vests:
$5 - Sleeve Cuff
$5 - Pocket
$5 - Hole < 2 inches
$10 - Hole > 2 inches or multiple small holes
$10 - Bottom Hem Edging/Neck Opening
$35 - Everything!

Blankets/Linens/Quilts (NOT knitted/crocheted):
$5 - Hole < 2 inches (patched or darned)
$10 - Hole > 2 inches or multiple small holes (patched or darned)

$20 - Additional Flat Fee for vintage or extra fragile quilts

$20 - Light to Medium Re-seaming on quilt
$35 - Heavy Re-seaming on quilt

$30 - Baby/Lap Blanket Reconstruction

$45 - Throw/Twin Blanket Reconstruction

$60 - Queen Blanket Reconstruction

$75 - King Blanket Reconstruction

Other Projects: Send an email with description, pictures, and ideas and I will send you a quote or let you know if I can't do your project justice!


  • email me a description of your project with pictures of all areas (of all items) needing repairs

  • tell me if you want me to *do my own thing* or if you have specific things in mind -- include pictures or links to things you have in mind

  • explain if you have specific colours, threads, yarns, or fabric you want used & plan to mail along with the item(s)

  • tell me when you need the item(s) returned

  • I will look everything over, take note of supplies needed, time it should take me

  • I will quote you a price and time frame

  • if you agree to the cost and time required, you pay me & ship the item(s) to me (you pay to ship to me)

  • if it is a big project, like a quilt or a shredded sweater, I will send you update pictures while I work

  • when you get your item(s) back, tag me on social media if you share pictures or want to leave a review


VENMO: @amethystmidwitchery

CASH APP: $midwitchery

I can also accept credit/debit cards; cash, check, & cards in person; Amazon, Target, & VISA giftcards; or if you are a sewist, quilter, tailor, knitter, or crocheter and want to barter, LET'S DO IT!


I am an imperfect person using visible, creative, & imperfect mending techniques to repair your item(s). I am doing these repairs imperfectly by hand (98%) of the time. Do you notice a trend? Your item(s) will have imperfect stitches and flaws, but that is part of the nature of visible mending. I promise to always do my imperfect best. I am willing to try to alter, fix, or redo something if you are truly unhappy, but I do not offer refunds for any reason. 

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