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nonbinary midwife michele palpating on dana's prenant belly determining baby's position

donate-what-you-can perinatal care, midwifery consults, babywearing, and more

Perinatal Community Clinic

This donate-what-you-can (DWYC) perinatal clinic is a community centred clinic in Pittsburgh, PA. It is a collaboration between Ìyá Pittsburgh, Igi Osè Traditional Birth ServicesAmethyst Community Health, and various other guest providers and organisations at various times. The monthly clinic is located on the Northside of Pittsburgh, where the community is essentially in a perinatal care desert. The aim is to provide basic perinatal and reproductive care, support, and education to anyone, while prioritising those people who have historically been marginalised in reproductive healthcare spaces.

The clinic is held once a month on the third (3rd) Thursday of every month. The clinic runs from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST with the last 0ne-on-one thirty (30) minute appointment slot scheduled at 6:30 PM. Preregistering for appointment slots is recommended to avoid wait times. Walk-ins are welcome with the understanding that there may be a waitlist to be seen. The following dates have been determined through the end of 2024: June 20th; July 18th; August 15th; September 19th; October 17th; November 21st; and December 19th

The clinic is at the office of Igi Osè inside the old McNaugher Elementary School building, which has become the new Community Resource Mall run by Northside Partnership Project. The building is accessible by buses 8, 11, and 15 and street parking around the building is free. There are nine (9) steps to reach the main entrance and first floor of the building. The office and bathrooms are located on the first floor. The address is: 2610 Maple Avenue, Suite 109, Pittsburgh, PA 15214

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The clinic is staffed by two traditional community midwives, along with an additional rotation of other perinatal and reproduction care and support providers. All care is provided in a community setting with room for sitting and chatting, a play area for babies and toddlers, and a community pantry of gently used baby clothes and essentials. Care
 provided can include, but is not limited to: prenatal & postpartum care; lactation support; consultations covering homebirth midwifery, hospital birth preparations, holistic health, herbal support, and pregnancy & childbirth options; human development & sex education; babywearing & baby carrier education; and more!
While the clinic is a safe(r) space, please keep in mind that the space is a large room without private exam rooms. This means that privacy is minimal. No care or procedures are provided that require the removal of clothing, beyond exposing a pregnant participant's abdomen to facilitate bellymapping, checking foetal positioning, and listening to foetal heart tones. It is possible for others who are present to see what is done and hear what is discussed. If you have exceptionally sensitive health information that you do not want to potentially and unintentionally share with others, unfortunately the clinic might not be the right place for your needs. 

The clinic midwives are body/fat-positive, trauma-informed, and inclusive and affirming of queer/gender-diverse people and all family/relationship structures. They practice informed-decision making, value bodily & cognitive autonomy, and support efforts towards harm-reduction. Additional providers and support people present at the clinic must also align with these concepts and are vetted before providing care, support, or education at the clinic. Everyone is welcome, even if you are receiving care from another provider. Being low-income or uninsured/underinsured are not requirements to visit to the clinic.

There are no set suggested donation amounts for care, support, or education provided at the clinic. Participants can offer donations in amounts as little or as much as they are able to afford, even if they cannot offer anything. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Ìyá Pittsburgh is a registered 501(c)(3) and all donations will go towards replenishing clinic supplies, equipment maintenance, and clinic improvements. By request, a receipt can be provided for any donations made.

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