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Introducing...Baby Hazel

The Parham Family would like to introduce you to our newest family member…

Ellison Hazelwood Renee Parham

Born at 7:06am on Friday, January 8th, 2016; the day after our “due date”.

Weight: 10 pounds 3 ounces

Length: 22.5 inches

Head Circumference: 15 inches

Gender: We’ll know that once they’re old enough to tell us!

This little beloved Merbaby swam their way right into their mother’s hands in the comfort of the family’s home.

Baby Hazel and mama were joined by daddy William, doula Karen, midwife Rachel (and baby Opal), and photographer Alyssa. Shortly after the birth, big brother Elijah was woken up to join the party along with our family friend Laura.

Everyone celebrated by sharing a delicious red wine, The Phoenix, gifted to us by our lovely friends, Fox and Michael.

Baby Hazel has 3 namesakes:

Ralph Waldo Ellison — Black novelist, writer, and scholar born in Oklahoma City, OK and is best known for his novel Invisible Man.

Barton Lee Hazlewood — American country singer, songwriter, and producer born in Manford, OK and is best known for his work with Nancy Sinatra. Our favourite song. (We changed the spelling to Hazelwood to make way for the name Hazel and because of the folklore saying hazel twigs formed into a cross and put under the bed or on top of an open bible will ensure a safe childbirth, which is only fitting for the child of a midwife.)

Sheila Renee Stejskal — My late aunt on my mother’s side of the family who was an English major that helped me understand the point of reading Shakespeare and who passed away before she could have the babies she always wanted to have. <3

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