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virtual coaching about life, habits, & parenting; finding clarity; & connecting to self



Do you feel “stuck”? Are you in need of a sounding board? Do you need to process some big emotions? Do you require some help navigating new parenting milestones? Are you struggling with some of life's bigger questions?


Spiritual Coaching/Direction
Listening to and advising clients on matters of the heart, spirituality, and Source; finding a pathway back to harmony, self, and a sense of purpose. Read here to find out more about what this can look like.

Frame of Reference: Michele (“Misha”) is a chaplain and has a background in philosophy, ethics, anthropology, social work, and comparative religion studies. Their spiritual life is informed by Torah & Jewish Mysticism (heavy lean into Feminist & Queer Neo-Hasidism), Sufism, Buddhist Thought, the seasons, weather, & waters, and their ancestors.

Life Coaching
Working with clients via counselling, consulting, and encouragement on aspects of life having to do with creativity, careers, parenting, or other personal challenges.

Frame of Reference: Misha is LGBTQIA2S+ centred & affirming, sex (kink & sex work) positive, and body/fat positive. Their coaching comes through a decolonising, harm-reducing, and consensual-living lens.

Misha is a traditional community midwife of over two decades, community & folk herbalist, inclusive sex & sexuality education teacher, Jewish & Humanist/secular chaplain, former substance use & victim survivor peer-counsellor, social worker, perinatal case manager, social & health advocate, and radical unschooling parent of two ('03 & '16). They identify as queer, poly, transgender nonbinary/genderqueer, fat, disabled, autistic, Romani, & Mizrahi. More about Misha here.

You are here because you want to talk about what is on your mind. Let us schedule time together to address your needs.


Virtual meetings are typically done via Google Meet.

Before each visit (if applicable), you will answer some questions regarding your general situation, concerns, or about what is keeping you up at night. When applicable, visits are followed up by an email (within 48 hours of the end of the visit) with notes taken during the visit, links to additional information/resources as available, and any suggestions explained, if necessary. Most of our time together allows me to gather information to then make the best recommendations possible based on that information.

  • gestational loss/abortion/TFMR

  • abortion/termination closure, memorials, & rituals

  • post-birth trauma

  • mindfulness

  • stress reduction

  • spiritual life (all faiths, Atheists, & Humanists welcome)

  • spiritual/religious trauma

  • life goals

  • existential questions

  • consensual living

  • home/unschooling

  • gender creative parenting

  • parenting LGBTQ+ children

  • parenting while LGBTQ+

  • gender transitioning

  • gender questioning/exploration

  • sexuality questioning/exploration

  • finding gender euphoria

  • coming out (preparing & aftercare)


Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, & Square Invoice (with Afterpay) for Credit/Debit.

Receipts will be issued via text and/or email.

COST: $95/$65/$45/hr sliding scale*
OR PRE-PAY $360/$240/$160 for 4 hours.
*the middle fee represents the actual cost of this service. The upper fee allows those with more means to help subsidise those who cannot afford to pay the actual cost. The lower fee is for those who genuinely cannot afford the actual cost. No income verification is required, but you are asked to be honest about what you can afford.

Misha is not a licensed physician, nurse, therapist, or professional counsellor. They do not carry professional liability or malpratice insurance.

Coaching services are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure, physical or mental health concerns or replace care from a licensed physician, nurse, therapist, or counsellor.
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