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Hazel's Birth (part 3)

Once #Hazel was alive and kicking, a celebratory fist of victory was thrown up! #Birthing revolutionary beings is hard and triumphant work.

Next, let us turn our attention to daddy. My husband William is such a good dad. He loves his children with every fibre in his body.

Look at him just looking over at his newest baby…

The following picture of Hazel’s first kiss from daddy is my favourite picture from the birth.

Next up was birthing that #placenta, which I decided at the last minute to stay in the pool for. Once that was done, daddy cut the cord and Rachel and Karen gave the placenta a quick once-over to make sure it was all there.

After another little stretch…

I then handed Hazel off to Rachel…

And then found my way to the wingback chair and snuggled in.

Almost all of the pictures in Hazel's Birth Story are by Alyssa of Love Place Photography


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