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Our Commitment to Our Community

Amethyst Community Health's logo

As Midwife Michele begins the journey of becoming a family practice physician, they are significantly limiting their availability to clients due to school commitments, planning for the future, and re-evaluating their professional and practice ethics.

Our practice is in the process of distancing itself from birthworkers & provider practices who choose to not include the lived reproductive experiences of ALL people with uteruses. We have reached the end of tolerating exclusive practices, which yes, include exclusive language around reproductive health, birth, and parenthood.

Amethyst Community Health affirms and recognises that cisgender women do not hold a biological monopoly on fertility, gestation, birth, or lactation. People of all genders are capable of menstruation, conception, gestation, birth, lactation, and menopause.

Our practice has also decided to only provide student apprenticeships and shadowing opportunities in the future for IBPOC, Queer, and Transgender/GNC community members.

Amethyst Community Health also recognises that there are members of their local birthworker community who hold and espouse beliefs that support White Supremacy and systemic oppression. Our practice promises to never knowingly support or refer clients to other birthworkers or provider practices that participate in or otherwise support discrimination.

Our practice is Inclusive, Sex-Positive, and Body-Positive. Our services are available to all persons regardless of religion, race/ethnicity, sex/gender, sexuality, gender expression, (dis)ability, weight, age, relationship status/family structure, or immigration status. Our services are available to anyone expecting any gestational outcome, be it birth, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion.

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[Image: Amethyst Community Health's logo. A black line style drawing of a mortar and pestle in the back with a St. Brigid cross on it. In the front is a fetoscope. In the bottom right corner is an "erostar" -- a sigil combining symbols for magic (pentagram), love (heart), and anarchy (circle-A). Logo drawn by Laura Gyre. End.]


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