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Homebirth Birth Kit

I get asked a lot by clients and strangers what all supplies are needed at a homebirth. I am going to offer my list of suggested items, as well as the things that I plan on having on hand at my own homebirth (look for that post tomorrow).

Consumable Supplies (your midwife may have a list that differs slightly)

  • Absorbent Underpads (Chux pads) — for containing messes from leaking fluids

  • Plastic Backed Sheet — like one giant Chux, but thinner, to be used over a large area on the floor, bed, or the first layer over a chair or couch to protect it from fluids

  • Umbilical Cord Tape or Plastic Cord Clamps — depends on preference of midwife/client; both are used to close off the cut end of the umbilical cord attached to the baby

  • Instant Cold Absorbent Pad — like a large, thick maxi-pad, but it has an icepack inside for use soon after the birth and throughout the first 24 hours for reducing swelling of the labia and perineum tissues

  • Stretch Maternity Brief (mesh underwear) — used to hold pads in place, but using your own underwear is fine too

  • Perineal Rinse Bottle (peri bottle) — used to clean up after urinating instead of wiping the first few days (with tearing/stitches or not)

  • Alcohol Prep Pads — for cleaning around umbilical site during diaper changes until the umbilical stump falls off

  • Bulb Syringe — for mild suctioning of the baby immediately after birth, if needed

  • Lubricating Jelly — used for cervical exams, conductive jell for doppler, and if not used at birth it can be kept for those first few postpartum attempts at having sex

  • Sterile Exam Gloves — to be used in the event of cervical exams or manual removal of placenta, etc.

Waterbirth Extras

  • Pool/Tub — these can be as simple and cheap as an inflatable kiddie pool or as elaborate and expensive as you wish (many higher end ones can be rented)

  • Pool Liner — makes clean up easier and aides in sanitation for rented/shared pools/tubs

  • Thick Plastic/Vinyl Liner (or shower curtain) — this goes underneath the pool/tub to protect flooring from water

  • Small Fish Net — for removing large pieces of membranes and fecal matter from pool water

  • Waterproof Thermometer — for checking pool water temp

  • Potable Water Hose (and faucet adaptors) — Hose that is safe for drinking water; used to fill and empty pool

  • Water Pump — to aide in emptying pool after the birth

  • Water Heater (optional) — submersible heater for keeping water warm in colder climates

Extra Things to Have on Hand

  • Towels — you will go through a fair amount regardless if the birth is “on land” or a waterbirth

  • Receiving Blankets — especially if you are planning a waterbirth

  • Placenta Bowl — bowl to temporarily put the #placenta in once it is birthed

  • Witch Hazel — you can use this with cotton balls to clean around the umbilical stump if you find alcohol too drying for baby’s skin; it also helps tears/stitches heal faster so add some to your peri bottle rinse

  • Massage Oil — self explanatory

  • OTC Pain Meds/Homeopathic Pain Meds — Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, #Arnica, and so on; whatever your non-aspirin preference is

Do you have more suggestions? Leave them in a comment!

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