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Three Rivers Free Clinic For The People

{Since this has been posted, a lot has happened in life! I've given birth to another child, broken my leg, and the clinic has restructured in many ways. Unfortunately, I am not physically able to participate in the clinic currently. I hope to be able to return to work at the clinic some time in 2019 -- updated on September 3rd, 2018}

It has been awhile since I wrote about the DIY #PrenatalClinic/Centre that I have big dreams of opening up here in Pittsburgh, PA. I have spoken to several folks about the legal logistics and brushed the surface on the financial logistics. So, things are still a long way off, BUT that is not why I am taking the time to write tonight…

Three Rivers Free Clinic for the People is a community service for individuals unable to afford or easily access holistic healthcare. Together we deliver the future of healthcare by caring for the community who represent our individual well being for the sake of the generations to come.
Expect to be supported by volunteer practitioner(s) of holistic health who may provide botanical therapy, meditation, Reiki, intuitive counselling, yoga, massage therapy, reflexology and much more depending on the needs of the people and the practitioners who have volunteered their services for that day.
It is our hope that all forms of donations, through service, volunteer work or financial bases from interested members of the community, will sustain this vision because it is foreseen to create a paradigm shift in community healthcare and delivery for the sake of us all. — TRCftP

Last month I had the privilege of being a practitioner at the clinic. It was a fantastic experience. I was there offering free basic midwifery care. While I did not see many clients at the clinic, it being my first time with no advertisement, I did get to network with several care providers, share my passion for being a midwife, and introduce many people to the concept of my DIY Prenatal Clinic/Centre. I also received free acupuncture, which made the repetitive stress pain in my wrist subside for at least a week. Who can complain about that?

I heard about the free clinic a few months ago when one of my friends who is a massage therapist began volunteering at it. I thought about the clinic for a few months and how it would be awesome to attend and be able to offer free midwifery care, but I was not sure what I had in mind was something that the organisers were looking for. I decided to send an email with my proposal to Helen at Ola’s Herb Shop and within days I got a response and set up an interview. And I was in. I can not begin to express how amazing and humbling it was to be at the clinic, being on the receiving end of “thank you” so many times in five short hours. I am very much looking forward to the next clinic day on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 from 1:00pm until 7:00pm.

What exactly am I doing at the clinic? I am providing basic midwifery care, covering prenatal, postpartum, basic newborn care, and chest/breastfeeding support. I am also offering prenatal and postpartum focused reflexology. For prenatal care I am taking vitals, palpating for foetal positioning, listening for foetal heart tones, and other basic and simple assessments that can help catch potential problems during pregnancy. Everyone that I see will be given a simple half-sheet “mini chart” that will have noted the data gathered during our visit. These “mini charts” can then be given to any other healthcare provider that they might see or they can keep them for their own personal records. I will also make referrals to other care providers and offer general holistic health counseling.

As word picks up and more and more folks find out about the clinic and specifically about my presence there and what I am offering, then I am going to eventually need an assistant or two. I am thinking of a couple current midwifery students who would be good for this when the time is right. I know that having the chance to offer care in this unique kind of setting would do good things for their midwifery education. Another birthworker who teaches Bradley Method childbirth classes is already thinking about how she can join forces with me and teach a few simple childbirth preparation classes at the clinic. My heart just flutters at the thoughts of what kind of awesomeness this whole thing could become.

Now I just need to spread the word more about the free clinic and about what I am doing there. This is where you can help me out: If you click on the picture below, you can, right-click, save, and download the flyer advertising the free midwifery care that I am providing at the monthly clinic. Share it with anyone you think could benefit or knows someone who could benefit from FREE midwifery care!

I will see you at the clinic!


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