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Halfway! What?

I have a thing for numbers. It can be pretty intense at times. So, when I noticed that I was 20 weeks pregnant on the 20th of August, of course I immediately thought there was something #magical at play.

An app that I am using to record certain things about my #pregnancy on told me that I should do something momentous to celebrate this milestone of being halfway through my pregnancy — mind you, *halfway* being relative. For once, I did exactly what this app told me to do (it is rife with ridiculous things that remind me of the terrible book, What to Expect…).

I hopped into my friend’s minivan with hardly any money and tagged along with her, her sister in law, and reasonably cool farming hippie guy to Asheville, NC. She’s attending a Process Painting conference-type thing for the weekend and I am well, currently sitting in my “pod” blogging.

It’s rather cosy. I am sitting here drinking my oolong tea, and soaking in the free wi-fi from inside of a pretty comfortable “private” bunk bed. I have decided that I want one in my house.

I really want to say that I will not be sitting here the entire weekend, but I will not lie: I will most likely be squirrelled away in this little bunk bed typing out thoughts all weekend long. Except for the when I decide to walk a block and a half to Dobra and find a little comfy spot there to hide myself away. Have I mentioned before that I am an #introvert?

I did leave my hiding hole to make myself dinner in the nice and well appointed kitchen and then I ate said dinner in the rather eclectic and comfortable living room.


Back to thing that you really care about: my pregnancy.

I really do not have much to report at this moment. I am well. I do not feel sick or any of that. I am tired, but mostly that is due to the fact that I really never stop. No blood pressure issues, no blood glucose issues (other than being low, frequently), no anemia (I ordered myself some basic blood work and besides some weirdness with my blood type that we’ll save for another post, everything is golden), and I still have not gained any weight. The baby does move quite a bit that I can feel internally and only very slightly and occasionally externally.

I did have a moment during week 18 when I almost texted my sister-midwife with the following, “holy shit, I am pregnant and going to have a baby!” But, I did not send the text since it was about 5 o’clock in the morning and she was on call — do NOT text #midwives early in the morning unless you are in labour and need their assistance.

I am slowly building up my stash of cloth diapers and hand me down clothes. I am getting a little bit more excited in general. And it was just decided a few days ago that a sweet and lovely Temple-sister is going to be throwing us a baby shower in November. I am pretty happy about that.


In other news, yesterday on the 19th, my husband and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. We gorged on some of the best Japanese-American food in the city. #likeyoudo

That man. What can I say? I love him. Glad to be bringing another human being into existence with him.


Stay tuned for the next bit of pregnancy-related rambling, which will probably come after lots of rambling and pictures from the Northeast Unschooling Conference that we leave for Boston on Tuesday to attend!


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