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nonbinary parent holding their newborn right after giving birth at home in a birthing pool


education, prenatal care, newborn exam & health screening, and postpartum care for parents wanting an unassisted birth

limited services due to med-school notice

Michele believes that undisturbed birth is best practice. Ask most former clients about how well Michele can blend into the background at a birth and both "not be there" and hold incredible space at the same time. Michele also understands that even the most invisible midwife can still influence the actions of a labouring person so much so that they are inhibited. Birth is a raw, vulnerable, intimate, and psychosexual experience for the birthing person (and if applicable, their partner/s too); it is always a privilege and honour to be invited to share this experience as midwife, as friend. However, not everyone wants or needs to share their experience and that is to be honoured just as well. 

While many freebirthing families decide to take care of their own prenatal and postpartum care, some do want the help and friendship of their community midwife. Michele is happy to provide prenatal care, newborn exams, newborn health screenings, and postpartum care for freebirthers. 


 - Initial Prenatal Visit (2-3hrs) $300 

 - Each additional Prenatal Visit (1-2hrs) $100 each

 - Labwork additional cost. Ask for current price sheet.


 - 24-48hr Initial Postpartum Visit (2-3hr), including Newborn Exam, Newborn Metabolic Screening (PKU), & Newborn CCHD Screening $300

 - Follow-up Postpartum Visit + Newborn Hearing Screening Visit (1hr) $150 -- this visit is scheduled between 1 week and 3 weeks postpartum per best practices on when to perform a newborn hearing test; test is performed by Midwife Michele.

 - Each additional Postpartum Visit (1-2hr) $100 each


We spend 4-5 hours together going over the following topics with plenty of time for questions:

  • common complications & how to manage them or when to seek professional, medical/emergency help

  • hot to cut the cord and examine, dispose of, and/or preserve the placenta

  • general supplies needed for labour, birth, and postpartum, plus extras for specific circumstances

  • how to obtain newborn health screenings, a birth certificate, and a social security card for your baby

  • some of the less thought of logistics of homebirth and unassisted birth, like the realities of having to transport to the hospital 

The class costs $350 to be paid between the time of scheduling and the date of the class. A discount is offered for groups of 3 or more couples (pregnant person + partner or other support person) who take the class together. The cost is $200 per couple.

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