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breast/chest exams, PAP exams, basic physicals, STI testing, IUD removal, and diaphragm & cervical cap fittings



Taking care of ourselves is sometimes not the thing at the top of our to-do list, especially if we do not feel comfortable with our healthcare providers, do not have a primary care provider, or we are members of marginalised and underserved communities. Amethyst Midwitchery & Womancraft understands these concerns and barriers. We are able to provide some of your basic Well Person Care needs in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

We provide various health services for all genders and if you have a cervix or uterus, we can provide you with important cancer screenings. Your home or our home office, invite a friend/support person (or parent if you’re under 18), and let’s do this! Did you know that we don’t use stirrups for our PAP exams AND we can do them without a speculum? We are also actively working with the lab that we use to be able to provide clients (and anyone) with self-sampling PAP exam kits. That’s right, soon we will be able to help you do your own PAP exam. Taking care of yourself just got a whole lot easier!


 - Complete Well Person Visits (with/without Pelvic Exams; 16yrs+) $125-$225

 - Pelvic Exams (included as a part of a Well Person Exam or PAP Exam)

 - Well Visit + Cervical Cancer Screening (PAP Exam; 16yrs+) $180-$280

 - Cervical Cancer Screening (PAP Exam; 16yrs+) $75-$175

 - Basic Physical Exam* (school/work/travel; 13yrs+) $80-$180

 - Manual Breast/Chest Exam only (16yrs+) $45-$145

 - Standard In-Office/In-Home IUD Removal** $60-$160

 - Caya Diaphragm/FemCap Cervical Cap Fitting $125-$225

 - HIV/STI Testing $TBD (not quite available yet; working with lab for best deal)

 - Health/Herbal Consultation


*Because none of our current providers are licensed by the state, depending on the requirements of the school/employer, physicals done by us may not qualify. Please clarify with the school/employer if in doubt, as we can not issue refunds.

**In less than 1% of people with an IUD, the IUD can become embedded in the uterine wall. Unfortunately, an embedded IUD can not safely be removed without an outpatient surgical procedure performed by an OB. 



All Well Visits provided to clients 17 years old and younger legally require an adult (typically a parent or legal guardian) to be present during physical exam portions of visits. And all clients 18 years and above are highly encouraged to have a partner or support person present for exams if anxiety or past trauma may make Well Visits difficult.

Our care is offered within our scope of practice and skill set to anyone seeking it. We strive to provide compassionate, competent, and gender-affirming care to all clients of all genders. Please make us aware of any accommodations we may be able to provide to ensure your comfort during our visits.


What happens if an exam or lab test shows anomalies? Any concerns that can not be addressed by the midwife’s scope of practice will be referred to appropriate healthcare providers. Copies of any notes or lab results will be provided to share with other healthcare providers as you see fit.


All of our services are offered on a pay-what-you-can sliding fee scale listed above next to each service. Some folks can afford to pay our full price and some folks will pay what they can using our sliding fee scale. Those who can pay more help subsidise the care of those who can not. This fee scale is offered to increase accessibility and there is no required documentation to prove financial need — we trust you.


Currently in the state of Pennsylvania non-nurse midwives can not accept or file claims for insurance coverage for their clients. State Medicaid does not pay for non-nurse midwife services either. We can provide you with a detailed receipt for you to use to attempt to get reimbursement from your private insurance or from cost-sharing organisation/community.

If you or your spouse (or parent if you are a dependent) have an FSA, HSA, HRA, or MSA you can use the debit/credit card for your account to pay for our services. According to the list of qualifying services provided by the IRS, the following services are covered:

  • Birth Control (pills, condoms, etc.)

  • Diagnostic Equipment & Tests (ex: blood glucose monitor & supplies)

  • Laboratory Fees

  • Physical Examination (“annual exam”)

  • Screening Tests (ex: pap exam)



No refunds are offered at this time.