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Hazel's Birth (part 2)

So, I managed to get from the 2nd floor bathtub downstairs to the first floor where I found that our photographer, Alyssa, had already arrived and she was helping William get the pool filled. Apparently, even though I specifically purchased a hose/faucet adaptor that was supposed to work with any/all types, it was not working very well, which meant that William had to stand there and hold the two together. He is pretty awesome like that.

I got into the tub as soon as there was enough water for me to sit in. I think that by the time I made it all the way down to the first floor I finally realised that birth was very, very close and that I had basically woken up in transition.

The next person to arrive was Rachel, my sister-midwife and #midwife for this birth, and her baby Opal. When she walked in she had a carrier on and no #baby in it. My reaction was not to say hi or anything, but with major concern ask, “Where’s your baby?” Of course, Opal was still asleep in her car seat and in the other room. Typical me: concerned about other people’s babies while moments away from birthing my own.

Karen, a student midwife and my #doula, arrived next, right before I gave birth. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of Karen during my labour, but I do have some of her helping out right after Hazel’s birth.

Once crowning started, I looked like this:

and just moments later…

I am totally sucking mucus out of Hazel’s nose/mouth in this picture and then turn my head and spit it out into the pool…’cause I am an animal like that! Next, like most water born babies, this little Merbaby of mine was not quite sure that they wanted to be alive on land just yet…being born from one warm, aqueous world into another one. But, after some rubbing, patting, talking, and blowing in the face, #Hazel was alive and kicking and screaming.

Almost all of the photos in Hazel's Birth Story are by Alyssa of Love Place Photography


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