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Hazel's Birth (part 4)

Next the little schmoop-a-doop tried latching on for the first time, which went all right and then Karen stepped over to gaze at #Hazel and check out the latching efforts.

Look at the three of us! Are we not just the sweetest things ever?

Now it was time to get this giant baby weighed and measured.

And of course, then it was time to snuggle up with daddy some.

Here is Rachel again, looking over and smiling at the new family.

Finally at some point William went and got E up from sleeping two floors above all of the action, so that he could meet his new little sibling.

And then after moving to the futon to snuggle up for the morning, we all drank wine (out of coffee cups, like you do)!

And that pretty much sums up the fast and furious home waterbirth of our #merbaby Hazel.

Almost all of the photos in Hazel's birth story are by Alyssa of Love Place Photography


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