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Sex Education

Everyone has been really interested in having the curriculum or at least an outline of what I am teaching for my classes. I was not sure at first how best to do this, but I have put together an outline of the topics for each week of class and I am happy to share them here and now.

Class One — Who Am I? This class will cover: Gender vs. Sex, Gender Expression, Gender Roles, Relationships (of all kinds, romantic & non-romantic), Body Image, Sexual Orientation, and Personal Values.

1.) Who Am I? — Social Group Profiles 2.) Gender Expression & Gender vs. Sex — What is the difference & how do we express it? 3.) Gender Roles — Gender Roles Case Studies 4.) Gender Stereotype BINGO 5.) The Girl with No Name — understanding & empathising with Transgender people 6.) Sexual Orientation — It is not just about being “gay” or “straight” 7.) Relationships — All of the kinds of relationships in our lives. 8.) Body Image — How we feel about our bodies shapes how we express our gender, sexual orientation, and how we make decisions about our sexuality. 9.) Personal Values — What is “right” & important to us? 10.) Open Forum — Your questions about gender, sexual orientation, & other topics from this class get answered.

Class Two — Sex & Sexuality This class will cover: Sexuality Throughout Life, Sex vs. Sexuality, What is Sex?, Reproductive & Sexual Anatomy, Basic Reproduction, and Myths, Facts, Feelings, & Values About Sex.

1.) Sex vs. Sexuality — What’s the difference & what are the Circles of Sexuality? 2.) Sexual Development Through the Life Cycle 3.) What is Sex? — What it is and isn’t. 4.) Myths & Facts About Sex — They told you what? 5.) Reproductive & Sexual Anatomy (Female) 6.) Reproductive & Sexual Anatomy (Male & Intersex) 7.) Basic Reproduction — How are babies made? 8.) Masturbation — What it is, why we do it, & why some people think it is wrong. 9.) Feelings & Values About Sex — How do you feel about it? 10.) Open Forum — Your questions about sex, reproduction, & other topics from this class get answered.

Class Three — Sexual Health This class would explore Reproductive Health, Contraception, STDs/STIs (including HIV/AIDS), Consent, and Sexual Abuse, Assault, Violence, & Harassment.

1.) Reproductive Organ Review (male, female, & intersex) 2.) Contraception – various forms & how they are used 3.) Sexually Transmitted Infections – symptoms & treatments 4.) HIV/AIDS – symptoms, treatments, long term care, & disease history 5.) Abortion – scientific explanation & cultural perspective 6.) Consent & Sex – communicating with sexual partners 7.) Sexual Abuse & Rape – seeking medical/legal care & victim survivor support 8.) Sexual Harassment – dealing with it & how to report it 9.) General Sexual Health – seeing the doctor, visiting a clinic, & getting important tests 10.) Open Forum – your questions about sexual health & other topics from this class get answered

Class Four — Pregnancy & Perinatal Care This class will explore Menstruation, Cycle Charting/Fertility Awareness, Getting Care When Pregnant, Choice in Care Providers & Places of Birth, Childbirth & Breastfeeding Basics, and Postpartum Recovery & Transitioning into Parenthood.

1.) Menstruation – function & cultural perspectives 2.) Cycle Charting/Fertility Awareness – how to chart a menstruation cycle to stay healthy & avoid/achieve pregnancy 3.) Pregnant: Now What? – how, when, where, & why to get prenatal care 4.) Choices: Care Providers & Place of Birth – who to see for care & where to give birth 5.) Childbirth – normal physiological childbirth & variations (twins & breech) 6.) Postpartum Recovery – physical, mental, & emotional recovery & care after giving birth 7.) Breastfeeding – basics in newborn/infant feeding & care for breasts while breastfeeding 8.) Parenthood – transitioning into parenthood (singled & partnered parenthood) 9.) Adoption – what happens when you make the decision to put a baby up for adoption 10.) Open Forum – your questions about menstruation, pregnancy, birth, & other topics from this class get answered

Class Five — Sex, Society, & Culture This class will explore Sexuality and Society, Sex & Body Politics, and Sexuality in Law, Religion, Media, and Art (yes, including Erotica/Pornography).

1.) Sex & Society – a look at sex in America & Western Societies at large 2.) Body Politics – practices/policies used by institutions, government, & society to regulate human body & bodily autonomy 3.) Sex & The Law – a look at legislation & sex in America (age of consent, prostitution, etc.) 4.) Sex & Religion – perspectives on sex from Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, & Christianity 5.) Sex in the Media – from marketing to movies to teen magazines 6.) Sex in Ancient Art – how sex & sexuality were depicted in ancient art 7.) Sex in Modern Art – how modern artists depict sex & sexuality in their work 8.) Erotica & Pornography – from ancient times to modern times & it’s appeal 9.) Sex Around the World – a global perspective on sex & sexuality 10.) Open Forum – your questions about the topics featured in this class get answered

Class Six — Queer Sex & Sexuality This class will explore Queer Sex & Relationships, The Queer Community, Coming Out, Support Networks/Organisations, Transphobia & Trans* Issues, and Self-Care in Hostile/Non-tolerant Families/Communities.

1.) Queer Culture – a look at what it is like to be queer in a heteronormative America 2.) Coming Out – how/when to tell friends, family, church, & co-workers you are not “straight” 3.) Queer Teens – navigating relationships during the teen years 4.) Queer Support – where to go & who to call on for support when it’s needed the most 5.) Phobias – queer & trans* phobia & exclusion and how to deal with it 6.) Self-care – tips to keeping yourself safe, healthy, & sane when your environment is not 7.) Queering Sex – how do queers have safe & satisfying sex? 8.) Queering The Law – legislation that effects queers & their families 9.) Queering Religion – you do not have to be “straight” to be religious or spiritual 10.) Open Forum – your questions about queer sex & sexuality get answered


The last two classes are not essential to a sex & sexuality course, but they do have a certain humanities & culture + health combination that I find intriguing as an adult and would have loved to have been exposed to as a young person. I am thinking that I may combine classes 1-3 and then offer classes 4, 5, & 6 as stand alone supplemental classes for those who are interested in them.


And there you have it. That is what I am up to and how I found myself teaching sex & sexuality education.

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