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The 5 Senses Of Labour And Birth

Tending to and preparing for the 5 senses during #labour and #birth are very important aspects of creating a calm, soothing, and familiar environment for labour and birth to occur. I have put together a quick list of items to consider for each of the 5 senses. Please feel free to adapt and add to this list for yourself and leave any additional suggestions in the comments.

  • aromatherapy

  • fresh flowers

  • essential oils

  • oil diffusers

  • scented candles or incense

  • herbal/labour tea

  • juice

  • water

  • honey

  • emergen-c

  • hard candy

  • smoothies/fresh juiced veggies & fruits

  • carbohydrate snacks (toast, crackers, etc.)

  • protein/power bars

  • #music

  • self-hypnosis tracks

  • relaxation/meditation music/tracks

  • avoiding idle chit-chat

  • older children

  • chanting/prayer

  • massage

  • massage oils/lotions

  • capstick/lip balm

  • reflexology/acupressure

  • light touch

  • comfortable clothing/robe & socks

  • blankets/pillows

  • birth ball & other birthing props

  • water (shower/bath/birthing pool)

  • lighting (soft & low)

  • candlelight

  • colours

  • covering clocks (maybe even mirrors?)

  • inspirational pictures/quotes

  • meaningful items/birth altar

  • people who give you strength (either present or pictures of them)

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